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Navigation markers deployed on access channel to Marine Oil Terminal "Turukhtanniye Islands"

Today, Baltic Fuel Company Group has deployed three buoys with signalling lights on the access channel to the Marine Oil Terminal “Turukhtanniye Islands", to facilitate navigation of vessels arriving at the terminal. The measure will ensure safe access to the facility of ships with the following maximum allowable dimensions: LOA - 150 m, beam - 25 m, draft – 8.1 m. These floating aids to navigation are installed in accordance with the ATONs deployment scheme designed by Baltmorproekt LLC.

Marine Oil Terminal Turukhtanniye Islands is located at the Port of St. Petersburg in the area adjacent to the entrance Sea Canal having access to the port waters.

As of today, the Terminal’s annual capacity is 900,000 t of oil products (export and marine fuel).In 2015, the Terminal will be able to boost its throughput to 1,700,000 t with the introduction of new facilities and increase of discharge rack capacity to 28 tank wagons. By 2017, Baltic Fuel Company is going to handle up to 2,400,000 t of oil products. When fully operational, after 2020, the Terminal will have the capacity of 4-5 mln t.