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Discharge rack of Turukhtannye Islands Oil Terminal undergoes startup-setup operations

Discharge rack of Turukhtannye Islands Oil Terminal (Baltic Fuel Company) has successfully undergone the startup-setup operations.

First batches of heavy fuel oil - 36 tank wagons – have arrived to the Terminal today, December 29. 

Turukhtannye Islands Oil Terminal is located at port Saint-Petersburg at the territory adjacent to the Marine Canal and having the access to the port’s water area.

The Terminal has its own railway branch linking it with the railway station Avtovo via CHPP-14. Two-side discharge rack can simultaneously handle 12 tank wagons.

As of today, the Terminal’s annual capacity is 900,000 t of oil products (export and marine fuel). In 2015, the Terminal will be able to boost its throughput to 1,700,000 t with the introduction of new facilities and increase of discharge rack capacity to 28 tank wagons. By 2017, Baltic Fuel Company is going to handle up to 2,400,000 t of oil products. When fully operational, after 2020, the Terminal will have the capacity of 4-5 mln t.