About Terminal

Marine Fuel Terminal "Turukhtannye Islands" (the Terminal) enjoys an advantageous location, in the vicinity of the entrance channel as part of Big Port St. Petersburg.

The Terminal is based near major highways in the vicinity of the Western Rapid Diameter, Ring Road, Moscow, Pulkovo and Tallinn highways.

Terminal features

  • The Oil Terminal under construction is dedicated to the export of oil products.
  • The facility has a branch line connected to the Avtovo station via CHP-14.
  • The Terminal is intended for handling oil products (fuel oil M-100 and M-40, diesel fuel in a proportion of 60%, 30% and 10%, respectively), and for the supply of bunker fuel to tankers and bunkering vessels of capacity of up to 20,000 tonnes and a draft of 7 to 9 meters.
  • The cargo will be delivered to the terminal by rail (70%) and road transport (30%).
  • Shipments of fuel to bunkering vessels account for 25% of the total volume.
  • The volume of oil products handling reaches 1,8 million tonnes a year.
  •  It is planned to increase the volume of oil product handling up to 4-5 million tonnes.